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Pleasance Theatre, Islington, Easter 2011

Angels and Urchins
It was a massive hit. The attention to detail was spell-binding. The stories were refreshingly not dumbed-down for the children. The script was close to Rudyard Kipling’s original with the language ‘oh best Beloved’ adding to the ancient atmosphere. The beginning of the world, why the moon pulls the tide, why the elephant’s nose is so long and how the camel got his hump were all utterly fascinating.

Initially I was doubtful as to whether it would hold the 4 year old’s attention as the stories were reasonably complex. But there was not even the merest wriggle.

Hugely imaginative and utterly compelling I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Bambino Goodies
An enchanting, inspiring hour that makes you want to go home and get creative with stuff lying around the house.

Babes About Town
The play’s aimed at ages 4 and upwards, yet the audience included many younger siblings like Jed, who kept shifting from the seat to my lap. At times, he claimed he was scared (there’s nothing actually scary, but for very little ones sometimes live theatre can be unsettling). However by the end, he was clapping and cheering with the rest of us.

It’s a credit to this company that they could hold the attentions of young children for an hour and a half, using language that’s not your average CBeebies chatter. Every now and then I’d scan the faces of the kids and they were rapt throughout.

A Younger Theatre
The creative team behind the production have a sound theatrical background which is why it is no surprise that this production is so effective, engaging and inventive. [...] It was such a tour de force that they can only go from strength to strength.

British Theatre Guide
This company held their carpet of tots riveted.

London’s Little Opera House at The King’s Head Theatre, Christmas 2010

Hampstead and Highgate Express – 23 December 2010
Much of the laughter comes from grown ups in the audience even though the production is completely child orientated. [...] The little ones are entranced throughout.

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