Sample Budgets

Open Book Theatre requires us to show our budget sheets to all members of a production, together with the investors in that production.

At our recent presentation for the Directors Guild of Great Britain, we showed a cut-down version of the spreadsheets we use to demonstrate how our budgeting process works.

Example Spreadsheet

The sample spreadsheet can be used as an example of how to lay out a budget for your production. Each cost is held on a separate tab, and brought through to the Top Sheet – which will show whether the show is projected to make a profit or loss.

Please feel free to use the sheet as a basis for your own productions – and do let us know how you get on with it.

The sheet we’re currently using for this year’s Edinburgh production of The Just So Stories is a little more complicated  – but if you want to see an example of a real spreadsheet that we’re using right now as part of the business, download it below.

Sample Edinburgh Budget

(You’ll notice that although all of the formulae are correct, the budget figures in the spreadsheet have been replaced by ones that we’ve completely made up. Open Book Theatre means you have to share your financials with everyone involved in the production, not necessarily those outside!)