Open Book Theatre

Red Table uses an innovative management style for its productions: Open Book Theater Management. You can buy the full book directly from here.

Piers, Rafe, and Kelly have all been involved in fringe theatre productions for many years, often on a profit-share basis. And as we all know, the profit that one shares in a fringe production is often zero.

Open Book Management is a process in which all of the employees of a company are able to look at all of the financial and business information of that company. And are then expected to help drive business success.

We’re bringing that concept to Theatre.

For every play that we produce, the financial information will be made available to every member of the company. Every actor will be able to see how much money goes on advertising, salaries, insurance, printing, props, set design, set build, illustrators, photographers.

And every actor will be able to see ticket sales as they come in.

Every week, during both rehearsals and production, everyone involved will be able to see how far away we are from profitability. And then, when we cross breakeven, how much they’re going to get from the production.

We’re very excited to be the first theatre company in the world to use this model – and we hope you’ll join us on this adventure.